How-To Roll Up Your Sleeping Bag Into The Carry Bag in 5 Steps (Pictures and Video)

Sometimes when you go out for camping you find it difficult to roll up your sleeping bag and put it inside his Carry bag
with Peanut By Egoz Sleeping bag it will takes you only 30 Seconds to pack your sleeping bag
today i gonna show you how to roll up your sleeping bag in 30 seconds and 5 easy efficient steps

  1. Open your sleeping bag on a comfortable straight surface
  2. Fold the sleeping bag lengthwise
  3. go to the bottom of the sleeping bag and roll it tightly Toward you (Make sure the Carry bag is close to you)
  4. hold the rolled sleeping bag in one hand and the carry bag in the other hand
  5. Insert your sleeping bag into the carry bag and the sleeping bag stuffed into his carry bag easily

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the Peanut by Egoz Sleeping bag is easy and fast to carry, you just need to follow this easy steps and your sleeping bag packed

so next time when you go to travel,camping or hiking Do not waste your time to folding equipment

for more info watch this video



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