REVIEW: Vetra Squeeze Water Bottle 650 ML



I needed a water bottle to carry with me when on shore excursions from a cruise ship, so I was happy to agree to test this bottle and write a review.

The bottle is a good size for me. Holds up to 22 ounces and fits in the bottle sleeve of the backpack I use for excursions. For shorter excursions, if also carrying cameras in my backpack, I put less water in the bottle to save weight at the start. A full bottle weighs about 1.5 pounds.

And since it is 100% BPA free, I am sure this bottle is much better for my health than the empty bottled-water bottles that I have been using up to now. It also looks like it should fit in the bottle carrier on bicycles.

A significant feature that sets this bottle apart from others I have seen is the small leak-proof spout on the cap. You can fill the bottle and hold it upside down and not a drop comes out, but when you point it toward your mouth and give it a squeeze a stream of water shoots out This makes it possible to share the bottle, when necessary, without exchanging germs. The only time I have seen a bottle like this before is when watching professional and college football games and seen players getting a shot of water through the face guard on their helmet during time outs.

The bottle doesn’t leak when held upside down, that is, when the top is screwed on tight. First time I tried the bottle there were 2 streams of water, one from the spout and one from the side of the cap. However, unscrewing and re screwing the cap took care of that.

It takes a pretty strong squeeze to get the water flowing, so you may have to use both hands. As the water level in the bottle goes down, the amount of pressure to get a stream of water increases.

And whether with one hand or two, it is necessary that the bottle is inclined enough so that water completely covers the inside of the spout. If not, the water if it comes out at all will just be a dribble.301x

If you prefer, you can remove the cap and drink from the mouth of the bottle (2″ diameter). The mouth is not so wide that the water runs down your chin like it does with the wide-mouth bottles. It is like drinking out of a glass. I do this more often than spurt water through the spout because I get a more satisfying drink. However, if I were drinking while running or riding a bike, I would be using the spout.

You may be able to put the spout in your mouth and suck water through the valve, but have not tested that and won’t be. It would be hard to get your lips around this small spout.

If you like your water, or whatever beverage you put the bottle, cold, the mouth is wide enough to put ice cubs in.

The 2″ diameter mouth is also a plus for when cleaning the bottle.




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