Egoz Almond Mummy Sleeping bag -good quality with thoughful design – video attached

My family and I go camping quite frequently and have been on the hunt for a new sleeping bag. I have used several products from EGOZ in the past and when I discovered they also carried sleeping bags, I decided to give this one a go! This Mummy style sleeping bag arrived to me quickly and in as described condition.EGOZ SLEEPING BAG ALMOND BLUE - sportitems siteThe Egoz name isn’t perhaps very well known compared with some major names in outdoor gear, but what you get for your money are extremely well made, durable products. Where cost without sacrificing quality is a consideration, this is definitely a brand to go for.
The fabric quality is surprisingly good. It’s a smooth, silky fabric that’s comfortable against skin. The item is well stitched and unlike some imported sleeping bags which tend to be on the small side, the Egoz range bags will easily fit a six-footer
+ Good size and suitable for a grown man (6ft) without being overly big and therefore bulky.
+ Navy blue as per listing and with green/teal inside
+ I have not had a mummy sleeping bag before, but I do particularly like it and love the fact there is a hood to it which can be tighten up to keep in the warmth in of a cold night.
+ The design of it as such that there is no tight corners so that your feet do not get caught up and remains spacious (this might not make sense if your have not had a more basic sleeping bag – my video tries to show this point). It was comfortable to sleep in!
+ There is double zip, so you can do it up from within side, to reduce the risk of getting a cold hand when doing up the bag! There is also a Velcro strap that comes over at the top. This means if you move about in the bag, the zip doesn’t start to undo, as the strap secures it close. This whilst simple is actually a pretty good design feature! It would make me chose this bag over another!
+ The build quality and stitch work is good.
+ There is a bag for it to be folded down into which makes it easy to carry about
Overall this is a great sleeping bag


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