EGOZ Peanut Sleeping Bag – Good Quality Rectangular Sleeping Bag with a Matching Stuff Sack

When it comes to reviewing sleeping bags I always balance the quality, design, performance and price. This sleeping bag is made of good quality material, the design is first class, the performance is good and the price offers good value for money.

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the sleeping bag is made of smooth and soft 100% Polyester material with a nice feel inside and out. It certainly doesn’t look cheap and at 1.5Kg it’s classed as lightweight. Size-wise it’s dimensions are 180 x 30 x 75cm which makes it suitable for up to adult size.

From a design perspective it’s well shaped (rectangular shaped not mummy shaped), looks very modern, appealing and it gives you a good amount of military / combat / army without overdoing it (it’s green on the outside and green-y grey inside). It has a strong double zip which opens and closes very easily and effortlessly.

From a performance point of view it’s very comfortable and suitably padded with plenty of room inside in all areas. In general you can get sleeping bags in a classic standard shape or military shape and the rectangular is far more popular as it gives you more leg space area . There is also a sleeping bag head cover hood provided and although I don’t usually use that particular feature it is essential if you are sleeping outdoors under the stars or if it’s very cold outside and you are in the tent as a large amount of body head is lost through the head.

After use I found that the sleeping bag was flexible and thin enough to be rolled up quickly with minimum effort and having a carry bag is an added bonus and indeed an essential component to a sleeping bag. If you haven’t got one it’s extremely difficult to manage without.

In terms of value and suitability it would be unrealistic to buy this at the current price point and expect it to perform equally as well as a £200-£300 sleeping bag but if you go camping mainly in the UK in the spring and summer I believe that this would be a good choice and is affordable indeed.

The best way to show any product of course is via video review so I have also done a video with voice over recorded in normal room conditions with no studio lights or video editing.



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